Our Team

Mike Nestor, PE

Managing Member

Mr. Nestor graduated from Fairmont State with his B.S. in Engineering Technology. He is a Civil Engineer registered professionally in WV, PA, VA, OH and MD. He has over 15 years of experience in land development, storm water management and transportation. Mr. Nestor has taken the lead in developing a team that has a wealth of knowledge across various disciplines.

Mr. Nestor leads the technical team on a day to day basis. He mentors the team and helps create solutions for technical challenges. He makes building lasting relationships with the community and keeping the trust of those he works with a priority. He believes that everyone can be more successful when they work together based on guidance and trust. Mr. Nestor works closely with his team on improving day to day procedures ensuring the success of our clients projects and our growing firm.

To contact Mr. Nestor please email him at: mnestor@ascentwv.com

Zach Assaro


Mr. Assaro graduated from Fairmont State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Technology.  Mr. Assaro has over 10 years of consulting experience in civil engineering, telecommunications, and site development.

Mr. Assaro handles the daily operations of the company and works with the Ascent management team allowing him to guide projects from concept to completion. This allows him to ensure projects stay on time and budget. He is reliable and dedicated to giving each client the product that they deserve. Mr. Assaro’s experience in business development has allowed him to build lasting partnerships throughout the region. His priority is growing the company while still maintaining our values.

To contact Mr. Assaro please email him at: zassaro@ascentwv.com

Amanda Wright

Senior Project Manager

Ms. Wright has a Master of Business Administration from Salem International University. Amanda is a passionate leader and mentor within the energy sector with over 16 years of experience as a project manager in the Oil and Gas Industry. Amanda is experienced as a director of business development and regulatory compliance. Amanda is skilled in permitting, regulations and compliance, government affairs and negotiations. Amanda has built lasting relationships with state, local and federal agencies as well as local operators and consultants.

To contact Ms. Wright please email her at: awright@ascentwv.com

Eric Short

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Short graduated from Fairmont State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology and an  A.S. Architectural Engineering Technology. Mr. Short has 15 years experience in commercial, residential, and oil and gas site development projects.

Mr. Short is experienced in the design and development of demolition, erosion and sediment control, site, grading, and utility plans.  Mr. Short is well versed in the design and permitting for natural gas development facilities such as well pads, compression and M & R facilities located in the region. Mr. Short is also experienced with highway design, traffic studies, storm water and sanitary sewer design.

To contact Mr. Short please email him at: eshort@ascentwv.com

Andy Kincell

Field Services Division Manager

Mr. Kincell graduated from Fairmont State University with an A.S. in Civil Technology. Mr. Kincell has over 30 years of experience in the testing and inspection of materials utilized at construction sites. Mr. Kincell also oversees our AASHTO accredited lab which he helped create.

 Mr. Kincell has several WVDOH such as Concrete, Asphalt and Compaction testing. ACI Concrete, Aggregates and Strength Testing, Technician Grade 1, PTI Certified Level, Contractors License and more. Mr. Kincell is always able to meet the needs of our clients and his team with his experience and great communication skills.

To contact Mr. Kincell please email him at: akincell@ascentwv.com

Jeffrey Knepper, CPG, LRS

Senior Environmental Division Manager

Mr. Knepper graduated from West Virginia University with a B.S. in Geology. He is a certified professional geologist and a WV licensed remediation specialist. Mr. Knepper has 20 years of experience working on complex environmental and regulatory projects. He is adept at developing practical and innovative solutions to challenging environmental issues often faced by oil and gas and other industrial clients. His track record in regulatory compliance, permitting, soil and groundwater remediation, and environmental impacts make him a key team member on projects. Mr. Knepper is an experienced AST inspector with over 1,000 completed inspections in various states including: WV, PA, OH, KY, WI, MI, VA and NY.

Mr. Knepper served as the state-wide Environmental Resources Program Manager for WV handling all permitting and compliance approvals for mining facilities working closely with various mining companies including: Wolf Run Mining, Greenbrier Minerals, Independence Coal, Brooks Run Mining, Mid-Vol Coal Sales, Pinnacle Mining, ICG-Beckley, LLC and many more. 

To contact Mr. Knepper please email him at: jknepper@ascentwv.com